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Full Day Tour in WINTER  

June - Oct


Within an hour's drive,  you will have a chance to see breathtaking views of the mountains, the Southern Alps, lakes, and rivers.  We drive through farmland heading towards the Southern Alps with stunning views along the way.


Along the way to the snow, there are stunning photography opportunities.  I stop often for that sublime shot!


Snow Fun is a chance to play in the snow.

  • Create some snow sculptures like a Great White Shark or an Octopus . . .  think crazy and make a giant poached egg.

  • Ride the toboggans - we have 4 sleds

  • Chuck a few snowballs

  • Playing and having fun in the snow is not age dependent

  • Meet the locals, discover the history, and explore the geography of the area


I will brew you a hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate along the way.

A full day of picturesque beauty, a true feast for the eye.  


Come and join me for some fun and laughter.  Enjoy the day, in the super comfortable tour vehicle where we can drive to some interesting spots. 

Jumping in the Snow.JPG
sit on snow.JPG

Vicky really gave a personalised tour and nothing was too much trouble. Vicky gave me an unforgettable first experience playing in the snow, sliding in the snow & tobogganing on Mount Hutt. Not forgetting also enjoying snacks and a hot drink on the slopes!

Amanda B, June 2017

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