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Flight Simulator | Tour around Christchurch 

Full or Half-Day Tour


Flight Experience in a 737 Simulator

All pick-ups and drop-offs are included from each venue.

The simulator is used to train pilots in preparation for assessing their skills and abilities. (Sim Check) 

Former airline captains will be your instructor. 

- so the sky’s the limit.

There is a wide range of activities to engage in from engine start-ups, take-offs, and landings. You can choose your preferred activities when you meet your pilot / instructor.


There are around 24,000 airports around the world that can be selected. Your experience will be unique, so don’t be concerned if you are a first-time pilot or you have flown before. 

You can even share a flight experience.

Taking photos and filming is welcomed and we encourage you to share this on your social media sites.


Private tour around Christchurch

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